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Of Backpacking Mishaps & Hectic Weekends

August 26, 2013

I’m catching a few breaths.  I had a wonderous, wild weekend.  Saturday night saw me as an extra upfront on stage out of town.  No one was more surprised to see me up there than me.  Its an occupational hazard when one has friends who are both charismatic & theater nerds.

I attended a baby shower that I’d put down the date wrong for  & thought was happening while I was out of town.  We had a gift mailed & thought we were so on top of things.  But it ended up being today.  we scrambled, got something together and went  in support of our friends since we were here.  I also made tons of food last minute for a hastily scheduled church potluck in honor of visiting musicians who put on a fantastic performance for us.  The theme of the weekend was…


All happenings were punctuated with thunder and lightning storms, hail, heavy rains all culminating in a town wide power outage.  But there was as it sounds like, lots of friendship, laughter and eating too.  Probably my favorite was that after the play some of us went out for steak fries and chocolate pie.  We set our phones in the center of the table and nobody touched them and we had a blast, talking, laughing, telling stories and interacting in real life with the people actually around us.

When I’ve had time to cook for myself, I’ve been adding turmeric to everything it can go in.  It is apparently good for the joints.  At least Pinterest wisdom seems to confirm this.  My last back packing trip, I ended up getting embarrassed and hurting my knees. Excited that for the first time in my life, I could keep up with everyone; I over-reached and kept pace with the two fastest hikers in the group.  It was these two men in their twenties who are regular hikers and in awesome shape.  They were pretty impressed with me until mile 3.  My knees then announced very painfully that they had had it with fast hiking.  I stopped & rested as my knees cried out in indignation at being so ill-used after years of slow plodding.

Now to explain the next part of the story.  My dad is a minimalist hiking purist of sorts and that means sticking to springs and iodine tablets for our water.  On places we have back packed often, I know of springs that have been purified naturally from the stones.  Unfortunately my dad was in one of the groups behind us and he was the one carrying the tablets.  I knew of a spring about a mile away but my knees hurt so badly that I was thinking I could wait until my dad arrived with the tablets.  My mom has no sense of direction & begged me to take her as she felt desperately thirsty.  I pushed through the pain and led her to the spring- demonstrating the lengths I will go to for the people I love.  Especially my mom as she you know, went through labor pains on my behalf.  I felt, the least I can do is take her to the springs when she needs it even if it hurts.  We hiked out to the spring and drank the chilly, clean water.  I realized, I too had been pretty thirsty.  Then with all of our bottles filled, we returned to camp in triumph and aching knees.

I thought things over after the trip and promised myself that I would never go back packing again without my own pills or water pump (I have no personal issues with using them on backpack trips).  As a kid, I stuck close enough to my parents that it didn’t matter who carried the tablets.  I think in realizing that ‘m responsible for my own water, I hit a major shift towards adulthood & personal responsibility (warning, these happen in the wilderness).

I was definitely kicking myself for not packing a few of my own tablets prior to the trip.  But sometimes things have to be learned the hard way I guess.  Camping is important for teaching what is essential to life & what is added froof.  Spoiler alert, most things are added froof.  But water is not.

The power went out tonight where I live.  It was out all over town.  Our water supply was pretty well set but we didn’t have a lot of food left after all the weekend excitement.

the store was a madhouse.  All dimly lit, with employees walking down the aisles with flashlights and customers picking stuff out for sandwiches or barbecuing.  Unfortunately, the deli couldn’t sell us their prepared salads or meats despite popular demand.  But we put together a pretty good spread anyway.  We bought sour dough bread to eat with either mashed avocado or cream cheese and cucumber.  We also bought delicious almond pastries and  cotton candy grapes.  Then we bought canned three bean salad.

We lit candles and read by the candle light.  I left the candles going even after the power came back on.  They smelled cranberries and the things of autumn.  The rain is pouring down.  I’m alternately reading and messing about on the internets while my mom does sudoku.  Its very relaxing after such a hectic weekend, punctuated by thunder and lightning storms.

Tomorrow, I agreed to waitress for a dessert/ theater production.  Also training continues.


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